Agroecosystem Resilience in Times of Drought (ARID)

Persistent drought, dwindling water resources, and climate variability in western agroecosystems require anticipatory management. Agroecosystem Resilience in Times of Drought (ARID) project evaluates proactive short and long-term management strategies for:

  • Ecological, social, and economic resilience.
  • Participatory approaches and the co-production of knowledge, including through citizen science.
  • Linking multi-scale (landscape, community, individual) land-use/land-cover dynamics to (national, state, and local) agricultural and water policies.

ASC-Clovis Faculty Dr. Rajan Ghimire is a member of this project. The goal of his research in this project is to "evaluate cropping systems and soil management options to improve resilience and profitability of dryland and limited irrigation crop and forage production systems.

Please see ARID for mor information.