Center History

The NMSU Agricultural Science Center at Clovis is centrally located in the largest crop production area of New Mexico and is uniquely qualified to conduct agricultural research and producer outreach (Extension) activities aimed at efficiently managing the area’s limited water resources and increasing the economic viability and sustainability of agricultural production.

Research at the Center began in 1948, originally as dryland field research. Irrigation studies were initiated in 1960, when an irrigation well was developed at the Center. Water for irrigation is derived from the Ogallala Aquifer. Since 2004, the Center has improved its irrigation delivery by developing two center pivot irrigation systems (88 acres), subsurface drip irrigation system (6.5 acres), surface drip irrigation systems (10 acres).

An Advisory Committee comprised of agricultural producers and business leaders from the area guides most of the research and extension program at the Agricultural Science Center at Clovis.